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I'm Paul and I'm an artist / Illustrator
I was Born in Northern Ireland
I grew up in Australia sun surf & sand  and I read comics  and watched cartoons, Japanese monster movies and  black & white sci-fi B movies.  Which all helped fired my imagination and influences my work even today.
I’ve always Loved to scribble and read comics, from an early age.
It was only in a town Far.. Far.. Away in the late 80’s, early 90’s I  got to run my own comic shop with my brother,  in a place called Lisburn just outside Belfast.
Where I got splashed paint on motorbike jackets, helmets, Sci-Fi wall murals, as well as manage and run Outer Limits comic shop. It was a great time and I got to draw and paint and got paid for it... 
Now I run PMarts, my own small business where I produce illustrations, commissioned artworks, (digital and traditional), trading cards, book covers, Horror Movie posters, and I draw and print my own comics. I paint with acrylics and watercolors or I can use an airbrush but most of my work is done Digital on a large digital drawing board.
Comic work
I’ve contributed to the first 4 issues of “Sector 13” (a 2000AD Fanzine), which has received critical acclaim. I now work with Fool Moon Graphicks as a cover artist, a letterer, editing layouts and I’ve contributed Art on 2 stories  for their Flagship comic “Weird Comix” #1 &#2. and I have produced my own comic "the Secret Scribblings of a Hairless Monkey".

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